Help Grow the Denver Parks and Recreation System

Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 10:44 AM
Subject: New Online Survey – Help Grow the Denver Parks & Recreation System (Strategic Acquisition Plan Survey)

 We need your help in deciding how Denver Parks & Recreation will grow! Please take this public survey and share it with others who utilize Denver parks, trails, open space, and facilities. The survey closes November 20, 2020.


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Cars In Parks

Cars in Parks survey: To prevent overcrowding and to encourage social-distancing, many Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) parks saw internal park roads and parking lots closed during the summer. This survey will allow you to share general opinions of closing roads and parking lots within DPR parks, and will also focus on certain parks that we need to hear community input on. This survey will close NOVEMBER 2, 2020. SURVEY LINK: It is important to note that Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) considers many factors when evaluating whether continued closure, or partial closure, of a park road would be appropriate (e.g.,): If the park is

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City Park Projects, 2020-2021

Adam Smith, DPR’s Superintendent for the East District with offices in the Pavilion, has updated his report about the challenges and opportunities facing City Park presented to CPFAN  members at the Sept. 3 Zoom meeting with a list of the following projects slated for implementation in City Park: 1. Sullivan gateway Phase II Rehab – in construction 2. Tennis Court Light LED conversion – spring 2021 3. Tennis courts 1-6 resurfacing – spring 2021 4. City Park Irrigation Master Plan – nearing completion 5. Dustin Redd Playground – fall 2020 6. Sediment Pond on 17th (site of City Park’s first Lily Pond

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