Brooke Badon’s Plant Medicine Workshop

A shelf with many jars and bowls on it

Brooke Badon, CPFAN Board member and Adopt-A-Flowerbed volunteer, will present a workshop on Plant Medicine for our January 3 program at 6:30 pm following our 5:30 pm board meeting. The meeting and program will take place in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Carla Madison Recreation Center, 2401 East Colfax Avenue.

Brooke has studied and applied plant and herbal medicine for years as an extracurricular activity. She has provided workshops with local enthusiasts like Beverly Grant, the founder of Mo’ Betta Green, an urban farm and education and wellness platform. Grant’s Seeds of Power Unity Farm has sites spreading across Central Denver.

Professionally, Brooke serves as My Outdoor Colorado (MOC) Coalition Coordinator. MOC is a visionary approach to connecting youth with the outdoors through strategic partnerships that provide access to nature education, recreation and skill-building opportunities. Access to the outdoors fosters a greater appreciation of the natural environment, provides opportunities to build an ethic of stewardship, and helps youth experience potential careers in the outdoors. As MOC Coordinator, Brooke oversees the work of eleven partner organizations.

Always eager to serve the community, Brooke is also a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. And she participates on committees of the Denver Park Trust whose mission is to raise funds to improve and add to Denver’s parks “where they are needed most†in partnership with Denver Parks and Recreation.

CPFAN is proud to host this program by the vibrant and energetic, Brooke Badon. Come join us to see why Brooke swears by the potency of plants and herbs to heal and enhance peoples’ lives. There will be interactive activities where participants can learn which herbs do what and what herbal combinations work best and why. Start your New Year off right with this fresh perspective on healthy living!

 Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Brooke Badon & Mushrooms in City Park