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Welcome to City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN). Our mission is to actively protect the classical pastoral character of City Park, located in Denver, Colorado. Membership is free.

Kudos to

Kudos to … Bridget Walsh, the recipient of an INC 2018 Neighborhood Star Award on behalf of CPFAN at INC’s Annual Banquet on Jan 31, 2018 … CPFAN Officers & Board Members, Hank Bootz, John Van Sciver, Steve Eppler, Georgia Garnsey, Jacqui Lansing, Keith Loftin, Lou Plachowski, Jackie Victor, and Bridget Walsh who actively serve and protect our park land and open space … Attorneys Aaron Goldhamer and Tony Vaida, who worked countless hours on behalf of the plaintiffs in the City Park Golf Course lawsuit … new RNO’s – Neighbors of Overland North, Montbello Improvement Association, Overlook at Park Hill, and Far Northeast Neighbors who are ready to protect the integrity of their parks and open space … and the members and friends of CPFAN who provided tremendous support by attending our rallies and special events, signing petitions, writing letters to city officials and just “being there”. Looking forward to another great new year.

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Blueprint Denver workshops: Moving beyond “areas of change,” “areas of stability”

From: CPD Communications <CPDCommunications@denvergov.org>
Date: January 31, 2018 at 4:33:07 PM MST
To: CPD Communications <CPDCommunications@denvergov.org>
Subject: Blueprint Denver workshops: Moving beyond “areas of change,” “areas of stability”

Hello from Denver Community Planning and Development!

Denverites have called for a more inclusive city with strong and authentic neighborhoods. To achieve that, we must move beyond Denver’s “areas of change” and “areas of stability” model, established in 2002.

Based on your input in Denveright’s Blueprint Denver planning effort, city planners are working on a new approach to managing land use in our city.

The new concept acknowledges that all places in our city are constantly evolving in pursuit of becoming complete in their own way — not just through enabling or limiting development, but through quality-of-life infrastructure like safe sidewalks, housing options, transit access, parks and open space. Diversity, affordability and good urban design/architecture are key to complete neighborhoods as well.

Regional centers and corridors would take on the most growth, while the remainder of Denver’s places would evolve in smaller ways. Ensuring the proper scale and intensity for all places — and appropriate transitions between residential areas and other places — are key to livability.

Come to one of several Blueprint Denver workshops in February and March to learn more about potential strategies for land use and transportation in your neighborhood and citywide.

Creating a Complete City: Blueprint Denver Workshops

  • Feb. 20, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., 3950 S. Holly St., Denver (Council district 4)
  • Feb. 21, 5:30 – 7 p.m., 5100 Lincoln St., Denver (Council district 9)
  • Feb. 22, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., 1900 W. 38th Ave., Denver (Council district 1)
  • Feb. 22, 6 – 8 p.m., 1625 S. University Blvd. (Council district 6)
  • Feb. 27, 5:30 – 8 p.m., 1498 Irving St., Denver (Council district 3)
  • Mar. 7, 6 – 7:30 p.m., 4800 Telluride St., Denver (Council district 11)
  • Mar. 15, 5:30 – 7 p.m., 2000 Valentia St., Denver (Council district 8)

More workshops are being scheduled. Check our website for information on workshops in council districts 2, 5, 7 and 10.

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CALL FOR ACTION Park Hill Golf Course Alert!

December 17, 2017



Park Hill Golf Course Alert!

Dear CPFAN Members,

On January 2, 2018, Denver City Council is holding a one-hour courtesy public hearing allowing citizens to express their views on the City’s proposed condemnation ordinance for securing 25-35 acres in the Park Hill Golf Course (PHCG) for a detention pond and 50 acres of “staging” during the construction period.

This Call for Action is a great opportunity for the community to show City Council how much citizen interest there is in the future of PHGC. The traffic and environmental impacts of more massive development could be topics to address as well as citizens’ desire to preserve and enhance the 155 acres of PHGC as either open space or a golf course. The time limit for speakers is 3 minutes. If you do not want to speak, there will be an opportunity to stand and show your support for preserving PHGC as either open space or a golf course.

Council Chambers are located in the City & County Building, 1437 Bannock St., Room 451. If you are able to attend the meeting, please arrive by 5:30 pm. Speakers may sign up at the time of the recess prior to the public hearing. During the recess, council staff will distribute speaker cards at the speaker’s podium. Complete the card, including your address, and return it to council staff. The speaker card must be signed by the speaker. No sign-ups will be accepted after council is back in session.

I hope you can attend this meeting to let City Council know our support for preserving PHGC as either open space or a golf course.


LaMone Noles

President, City Park Friends and Neighbors


(720) 988-4433

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This says it all . Get yours now, $10, supplies limited

Get two!!

Contact hankbootz@msn.com for more info

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Greed will take away what Mother Nature has preserved for us for so long

“If our elected leadership was listening, it would help," In all, 261 trees are scheduled to be chopped down starting Nov. 1. “It’s like watching an execution,"

Three Things You Can Do! It’s Not A Done Deal

Dear Denver City Council, It is time for Denver City Council to speak up and represent the interests of their constituents. Unfortunately, In 2010, through changes to the Denver Zoning Code, Denver City Council ceded complete control over our precious Denver parks to the Mayor, through his political appointee, the Manager of Denver Department of Parks and Recreation. This move has proved disastrous for Denver parks including Washington Park, Hentzel Park, City Park Golf Course (CPGC), Overland Park Golf Course and potentially for future parks such as the promised Fairfax Pocket Park in Park Hill. This rampant misuse of our heritage, our parks, must stop. Please take back Denver City Council's power to manage and defend our parks with genuine input from your constituents. Bring accountability, trasnparency and integrity back to the management of Denver parks. Change the Denver Zoning Code, now.

District Court Decision on City Park Golf Course (CPGC)

CITY PARK FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, please contact: LaMone Noles President, City Park Friends and Neighbors 720 988-4433 President@CPFAN.org http://www.cpfan.org Twitter: @cpfan_dnver Face Book:https://www.facebook.com/CityParkFAN/ District Court Decision on City Park Golf Course (CPGC) Thursday, October 26– Today’s Ruling in MacFarlane vs. City & County of Denver, issued on very narrow […]

Save the trees, Oct 22 2017

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Contact: Aaron Goldhamer Tel.: 303.534.0401 Email: agoldhamer@keatingwagner.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Denver, CO October 18, 2017 On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of Denver passed a resolution strongly condemning the present plan to expand Interstate 70 through Denver. The resolution condemned the social and environmental injustice posed by the project, […]


Thank You to all of you who came out to support our precious trees 150,108 total views, 885 views today


CITY TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETING TONIGHT AND SATURDAY! COME   Oct 12, 2017 — Trees in City Park Golf Course from Colorado Blvd. to York St. are banded with yellow tape, marked for imminent death ( within the next few days) You can help to stop this destruction. The city is holding public meeting tonight, Thursday, […]

Historic Denver Feedback on Cultural Landscape Report for City Park Golf Course

1)      The report generally provides a solid overview of the course and its development, and the photographs and maps are useful visual aids.  While the document would have been more helpful at an earlier stage, it should still be useful in informing design decisions. 2)      We concur with the proposed period of significance for the […]


Contact: Aaron Goldhamer Tel.: 303.534.0401 Email: agoldhamer@keatingwagner.com  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Zeppelin Plaintiffs Move to Enjoin I-70 Widening Project  Denver, CO September 18, 2017   On Friday, a group of Denver citizens—including developer Kyle Zeppelin—filed a motion in Federal court to enjoin the Colorado Department of Transportation (“CDOT”) from proceeding with its controversial plan to expand […]

Clayton Early Learning – Park Hill Golf Course Community Forum

Please join Clayton Early Learning for Community Forum #3 to continue the community discussion regarding the future of Park Hill Golf Course. The meeting will take place from 7PM-8PM on Thursday September 21, 2017 on the Clayton Campus in the Administration Building. The campus is located at 3801 Martin Luther King Boulevard (Colorado Blvd/Martin Luther […]

A Message From Brad Evans, Ditch The Ditch

Hello Friends, Over the last 30 days, we’ve seen significant progress Ditching The Ditch. We’ve put CDOT, the City of Denver, and their boondoggle ditch project on the ropes. The tide has turned, and we are seeing a BIG results! We need your help, we’ve received a $6000 matching dollar challenge, and we can double […]


CITY PARK FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS Sep 7, 2017 The city proposes to give a piece of publicly owned property that was supposed to be a green, public park…. to a private developer. Such a deal for whom? This property is located on the 2800 block of Fairfax. Denver Parks & Recreation told Park Hill residents […]

Four Days In Court, A Recollection

 By: Christine O’Connor Overview: During the four day J. D. MacFarlane vs. City & County of Denver trial, the City continued to dig itself deeper and deeper into a hole. What came through loud and clear —and which will persist regardless of the final opinion in the case — is that the City looked very […]


Another big thanks to the crowd (somewhat smaller, could use some new faces Wednesday or Thursday!) who sat for parts of the J.D. MacFarlane vs. City & County of Denver trial today!  We will start Wednesday at 9 am, 1437 Bannock, Courtroom 269. Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Aaron Goldhamer and Tony Vaida continued to present the Plaintiffs’ case Tuesday in Judge David Goldberg’s Courtroom.   […]

Tree Hugger In Chief

And I can tell you about my drive every day from the urban heat island we know as downtown Denver, on my way home, as soon as I hit City Park, the thermometer on my car measuring the outside temperature, goes down 5 degrees. So I know from my own research and from my personal […]

Neighbors fight to save trees ahead of trial involving Denver’s City Park Golf Course

Trial is set for August 21 By liz.gelardi@kmgh.com There’s new sense of urgency surrounding the fight to save trees at Denver’s City Park Golf Course. Denver City Council is set to vote on contracts related to a controversial drainage project at the golf course. The work involves a stormwater drainage project and course redesign. The proposed […]

Please Write Your Council Person, Subject Line: Council Bill 17-0823, 17-0824, 17-1826

    This Monday, Aug 7, 2017 Council members will vote to enter into a contract for the excavation of City Park Golf Course.  The legal challenge is set for trial August 21. Please copy the below addresses, the letter and email  to our Council members and urge them to respect the judicial and public […]

Future of Park Hill Golf Course:

Let your voice be heard in favor of More Open Space, less Development! Please join Clayton Early Learning for Community Forum #2 to continue the community discussion regarding the future of Park Hill Golf Course. The meeting will take place from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Thursday August 10, 2017 on the Clayton Campus  […]

Press Release July 31, 2017

City Park Friends and Neighbors LaMone Noles, President   For Immediate Release July 31, 2017 CPFAN issues response to Mayor Hancock’s plan to appear at the Denver Press Club’s celebration of its placement on the National Register of Historic Places City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN) applauds Mayor Hancock for honoring the Denver Press Club […]

Resolution Regarding Overland Park Golf Course

Whereas, Overland Park Golf Course, designated in 1956, is an important part of Denver’s park system, providing affordable and accessible golf to Denver’s citizens continuously since its founding in 1895;
and Whereas, the Hancock Administration proposes to lease Overland Park Golf Course to a commercial promoter for the next five years to hold a music festival that will close the golf course for five weeks during prime golf season every summer;

It’s Full Steam Ahead In The City Park Golf Course Lawsuit

We have just four weeks to go to the trial, where our attorneys will demonstrate to the Court that not only the golfers who play 50,000 rounds of golf a year at CPGC, but thousands of other Denverites will be deprived of use of CPGC for ANY park purpose during this extended stormwater project chosen as construction support for the I70 expansion.  Our lawyers will also show that— contrary to all the fancy PR coming from Denver — this project was not chosen to “improve” the Golf Course, and in fact will destroy the historic landscape design that earned the Golf Course its place on the National Register of Historic Places.

Press Conference “Ditch The Ditch” Filed Law Suit

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Opponents of CDOT’s I-70 Widening File Suit Against the Federal Highway Administration

The suit takes specific aim at the agreement Denver reached with CDOT in 2015 that put local taxpayers on the hook for a project to funnel stormwater away from the 40-foot ditch the agency plans to dig to widen the freeway. The FHWA approved an EIS that did not account for the flood protection project, and the lawsuit aims to “show that both the City of Denver and CDOT intentionally hid the connection between the Platte to Park Hill Drainage Project and the Central I-70 project,” according to a press release.



CDOT Response June 2017







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Continued Community Opposition to I-70 Expansion and Denver’s Stormwater Project

Opponents say the expansion would displace at least 56 households and worsen local air quality.  More than 80 percent of residents in the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood are Latino, and a third of the residents live in poverty. Opponents of the highway expansion used those demographics in a lawsuit to stop the project, saying that poor and minority communities would be disproportionately impacted. In April Federal civil rights investigators found that CDOT’s plan would be less discriminatory toward  Elyria-Swansea and Globeville, than any other option studied. Hear an interview with Candy CdeBaca


Please click the following link to take a short survey on your desires/ideas/hopes regarding the future of City Park. In particular, please fill in the final entry where your personal comments are requested. Your responses will help shape the future of City Park. https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-parks-and-recreation/planning/park-facility-projects/city-park-master-plan.html


PRESS RELEASE: CITY PARK FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS (RNO) CPFAN Contacts: Maria Flora 303.345.7811 / Bridget Walsh 720.440.3562 Government Secrecy Largely Prevails in MacFarlane et al v. Denver Fight Continues to Save Historic City Park Golf Course (CPGC) While Richard Nixon could not assert an “executive privilege” to prevent the public from knowing the truth behind […]


Dear City Park Friends and Neighbors:

We need your generous help to win the legal battle to save City Park Golf Course.

Why does City Park Golf Course need to be saved?

As you know, the city is proceeding with its plans to “repeal and replace” City Park Golf Course as part of its agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation to provide drainage for the I-70 lowered highway project.

The golf course will be closed, fenced off, and dirt removed to substantially lower below grade the western end of the park. Trees will be lost and it is likely that the existing clubhouse will be torn down. Then a completely new course will be designed around the drainage facility.

How can we save it?

Since the City Park Golf Course project is only one piece in a very large interconnected series of projects that include local, state, and federal involvement, the best, and possibly only, way to stop its destruction is through the lawsuit initiated by Aaron Goldhamer, representing JD MacFarlane (former Colorado Attorney General).  Recently a number of other neighbors and Council Member Rafael Espinoza have requested to join as plaintiffs.

Why is the lawsuit a good bet?

The City Park Golf Course lawsuit contends that closing the park (City Park Golf Course is a designated Denver park) for 18-24 months and giving it to the Public Works Department to construct a stormwater detention facility violate Colorado common law and the Denver City Charter. Both common law and the Charter protect parks for the public to use for park and recreation purposes. And no park may be leased or sold without a vote of the people (Charter section 2.4.5) and no franchises other than to concessionaires may be granted in parks (Charter section 2.4.6).

We believe that this suit is the right thing to do and that it stands on the right side of the letter and spirit of the common law and the Charter.

How will my donation be used?

Aaron is conducting the litigation pro bono, but he needs our help with funds to pay for expenses related to the suit, including deposition costs, court fees, document production costs, and expert witnesses.   He has asked us to raise $20,000 by the end of this month.  We are calling on every member of CPFAN to help with a donation.

Where do I send my donation and how will the money be held?

Aaron’s firm, Keating Wagner Polidori Free, has established a client trust account for the City Park Golf Course litigation.  Donations can be made:

  • online at GoFundMe webpage Save City Park Golf Course Legal Fund
  • by check made out to “Keating Wagner Polidori Free, P.C. Client Trust Account” indicating in the lower left corner “CPGC Lawsuit” and mailed to 
 Keating Wagner Polidori Free, P.C., Attn: Aaron Goldhamer
          1290 Broadway, Suite 600
          Denver, CO 80203

Please donate today!

Many of you have already contributed.   If you have not yet donated, please do so today.

Thank you!

CPFAN Board:  Hank Bootz, John Van Sciver, Louis Plachowski, Jacqui Lansing, JD MacFarlane, LaMone Noles, Vicki Eppler

P.S.  Don’t miss a bonus opportunity to boost your donation’s value:  Susan Barnes-Gelt will match new contributions to the GoFundMe page up to $2000.  Thank you, Susan!

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Read the latest plans from the Denver Zoo about beautification of the Gate 15 area.

Sign our petition to stop Denver Mayor Michael Hancock from destroying an historic public park to put in an industrial storm drainage sump. Click the button at left to see more and sign the petition.

Read more on our issues page.


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