Nature Play Update & Slideshow, Feb. 6, 5:30 pm, Carla Madison Rec Center, 2401 E. Colfax

City Park visitors have watched with curiosity and mounting excitement as the outlines of City Park’s new Nature Play project has emerged and filled in with whimsical benches and sculptures, a 20 foot tall climeable Bighorn Sheep, a beaver dam, logs, rocks and rustic swing sets. Nature Play is the result of a partnership between the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) and Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR). Located in the southeast corner of City Park, south of the museum, the project is designed to delight, stimulate and educate while highlighting Colorado’s eight ecosystems in play areas that follow the spine of the DeBoer Waterway. For the first time in many years, a stream will again flow through the DeBoer Box Canyon creating welcome natural spaces and a key educational tool. According to Dig Studio, who is leading the Nature Play design team, “the restored DeBoer waterway will play a key role in (highlighting) the ecosystems, illustrating how they were formed over millenia through their interaction with water as it flows from mountains to plains.”

On Tuesday, February 6, Jacqueline Altreuter, a Director of Strategic Planning and also Nature Play Project Manager at DMNS, will provide an update on the final stages of the Nature Play project.  Ed Scholz, DMNS Director of Finance and Business, will also be a presenter. Among other news, they will report on the fifty new trees and one hundred native shrubs planned for the four acre area. Native grass seed was sown throughout the space in Fall, 2024.

Jacqueline Altreuter & Faye Braaten (Chainsaw Mama) discuss site plans
Jackie will also give an update on the museum’s new East Plaza Revitalization project. Her slideshow will include new renderings of the proposed renovation and historic photos of what the area looked like originally, including the original grand staircase that lies underneath the carpeted entry to Infinity (formerly Imax) Theater. Come to learn about plans for restoring the original staircase, creating an inviting plaza for public use and remodeling the lobby of Infinity Theater. There will be a Q and A following the presentation.

The February 6 meeting will take place at 5:30 pm at the Carla Madison Recreation Center, 2401 East Colfax Avenue in the Multi-Media Room. Free parking is available to the east of the center and can be accessed from Sixteenth Avenue off York Street.