Denver Open Spaces under attack from Mayor Hancock

TELL DENVER CITY COUNCIL: “NO huge music festival in Overland Park Golf course!” See details below.  Historic Overland Park Golf Course is in Mayor Hancock’s  Crosshairs for profits for an out of state company, Superfly.  •First is was City Park under attack fo a 13 acre mini Elitches, then a large part of City Park was closed off to the pubic for a private , profit making event, Chive Fest ( how could we forget EXPLICIT ), then Mayor Hancock set his sights on ripping up  histoirc  City Park Golf Course and turn it into a barren, storm water sump.  Now Park Hill Golf Course

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Opponents of CDOT’s I-70 Widening File Suit Against the Federal Highway Administration

A blue and red interstate sign with the words " ditch the ditch 7 0 ".

The suit takes specific aim at the agreement Denver reached with CDOT in 2015 that put local taxpayers on the hook for a project to funnel stormwater away from the 40-foot ditch the agency plans to dig to widen the freeway. The FHWA approved an EIS that did not account for the flood protection project, and the lawsuit aims to “show that both the City of Denver and CDOT intentionally hid the connection between the Platte to Park Hill Drainage Project and the Central I-70 project,” according to a press release.

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