Historic Denver Feedback on Cultural Landscape Report for City Park Golf Course

A lake with trees in the background and a grassy area.

1)      The report generally provides a solid overview of the course and its development, and the photographs and maps are useful visual aids.  While the document would have been more helpful at an earlier stage, it should still be useful in informing design decisions. 2)      We concur with the proposed period of significance for the reasons documented in the CLR and because the proposal is reasonably consistent with the proposed period of significance for the remainder of City Park, which is currently undergoing a master planning process.  We also concur that the course currently exhibits good integrity. 3)      The underlying

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Four Days In Court, A Recollection

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 By: Christine O’Connor Overview: During the four day J. D. MacFarlane vs. City & County of Denver trial, the City continued to dig itself deeper and deeper into a hole. What came through loud and clear —and which will persist regardless of the final opinion in the case — is that the City looked very foolish for pushing forward with a $45 Million “golf course redesign project†on the most urban and most treasured golf course in Denver in order to support its obligations to CDOT. Here is a concise timeline of how this project evolved for NEW Ditch the

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SUBJECT: Additional Information, Colorado Register Act Consultation, Two Basins Drainage, Platte to Park Hill Stormwater Systems Project, City Park Golf Course Redesign, City & County of Denver (CHS #70051).
Dear Ms. Hann,
We received your letter dated May 26, 2017 regarding the Platte to Park Hill project, and specifically the mitigation related to the adverse effect determination for the City Park Golf Course (5DV5310).
We agree that the mitigation items described in the letter were discussed in the meeting between CDOT, the City of Denver, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and our office on April 13, 2017. We can also confirm that we are comfortable with the mitigation proposed for the Brick-Lined Storm Sewer (5DV11280). However, we do not believe the letter captures the full scope or
intent of the other mitigation discussed.

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