Saco DeBoer & the Visionaries Who Shaped Our Western Gardening Philosophy

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On Tuesday, Feb. 4, Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator and Director of Outreach for Denver Botanic Gardens will present a free program and slideshow on Saco DeBoer and Walter Pesman, the landscape architects who shaped most of Denver’s parks, parkways, and schools. DeBoer created the De Boer Canyon and Waterway and the Lily Ponds in City Park. Come learn about these towering figures who brought gardening as we practice it today in Colorado. “Saco DeBoer & the Visionaries Who Shaped Our Western Gardening Philosophy,” by Panayoti Keladais Feb. 4, 6-8 pm at Messiah Community Church (free parking behind the church off

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Artists, Sarah and Josh Palmeri will activate City Park’s Lily Pond

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 “COLOR FIELD at the LILY PONDS” PROJECT Denver Arts & Venues has announced their 2019-2020 “P.S. You Are Here” funded projects. These projects are designed to revitalize neighborhoods through collaborative and community-led outdoor experiences. CPFAN is one of the eleven grantees. Our project, “Color Field at the Lily Pond,” (Color Field) was created and will be executed  by Denver artists and City Park enthusiasts, Sarah and Josh Palmeri. The project has also received funding from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Color Field will draw attention to the historic Lily Pond that lies deserted for now southwest of the

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