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DESIGNS FOR “NEARBY NATURE” PLAY SPACES IN CITY PARK AT CPFAN’s DECEMBER 1 PROGRAM Please joins us for a Zoom Program on Tuesday, December 1 at 6 pm. Jacqueline Altreuter, Director of Volunteer Engagement at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, will present three possible new designs for the Museum’s “Nearby Nature” project and is eager to get the public’s reaction and ideas. “Nearby Nature” is a concept for a nature-based children’s play space extending from the DeBoer Canyon (south of the museum’s west entrance) to the small South Playground below. According to the Museum that is partnering with the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation

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As CPFAN continues discussions with the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation about volunteer opportunities in City Park, new CPFAN Board member, Kelly Crosby organized a clean-up with twenty East High students providing the labor. East High Principal, John Youngquist,  gave the students a hearty send-off as the students, armed with DPR buckets and grabbers, crossed the esplanade and entered the park, spending the next few hours scouring the park for any trash. DPR Superintendent for the East District, Adam Smith, whose office is in the City Park pavilion, has reported that DPR staff has been slashed to 50% capacity. CPFAN is hopeful that

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The Color Field art installation at City Park’s historic Lily Pond is the brain child of Denver artists’, Sarah and Josh Palmeri. It is also their loving gift to Denver park visitors. Conceived of pre-pandemic, Color Field was scheduled for installation in May, 2020 to great fanfare and recognition of its sponsor, City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN) and funders, Denver Arts and Venues, CPFAN, City Park Alliance, Denver Zoo, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. When the pandemic hit, all well-laid plans went by the wayside. Denver Arts and Venues and the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation came to the

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