“Native Bee Diversity and Pollinator Conservation,” November 9 program with Dr. Michael Breed

A man in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.

What kinds of bees are in your yard?  Why are there fewer than a few years ago? What can you do to conserve bees?

Dr. Michael Breed, Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado, Boulder will answer many of these questions and more at CPFAN’s monthly meeting on Nov. 9 at 6 pm at the City Park Pavilion. Dr. Breed is Professor of Ecology and Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder. The author of many insect-related articles and publications including “How Do Animals Communicate,” Quarterly Review of Biology, Dr. Breed’s research interests include how bees and ants communicate, foraging behavior of tropical ants, and colony defense by bees.

This will be an in-person event at the north meeting room of the City Park Pavilion. To access the Pavilion and parking lot, take the turn into City Park from 22nd Ave. and Colorado Blvd. Proceed along the road between the ball fields and the museum’s parking lots. Turn left along the road that leads along Ferril Lake to the Pavilion parking lot. There will also be Zoom access to the program. Register in advance at:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Come to learn and come with your questions. Dr. Breed is an incredible resource for understanding the wonders and challenges of our natural world. CPFAN is honored to host him.