Protestors try building support to stop I-70 expansion

A view of the city from above, taken by a helicopter.

“In the process, there will be a drainage ditch put in here on the west side of the park,” says LaMone Noles, President of City Park Friends and Neighbors.

She joins those opposed to the I-70 project with those behind the push to “Save City Park Golf Course.”

“My biggest concern is the ditch is in violation of the city charter which protects public parks in the city and county of Denver,” says Noles.

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Reinforcements Are Coming in the Grassroots Fight Against I-70 Expansion

A blue and red interstate sign with the words " ditch the ditch 7 0 ".

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s plan to push more cars through the mostly Latino, low-income neighborhoods of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea, requires digging a 40-foot ditch. To protect that ditch from flooding, the Hancock administration and Denver City Council made a deal with CDOT: They put Denver taxpayers on the hook for widening I-70 in exchange for flood protection work.

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