Denver assembles City Park Golf Course redesign team

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Councilman Rafael Espinoza has been vocal about his concerns about the project.

“This is a colossal misuse of hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money that could be addressing a whole bunch of stormwater needs citywide,” Espinoza said in an interview. “While I think there is a nice and beautiful and more playable way of doing what we’re doing today, yes, I don’t object to the concept.”

That is, using the golf course for detention might be OK — just not like this.

“I do object to the way we’re using city funds and creating projects that aren’t necessary and building projects that aren’t necessary for this city, but are necessary for the interstate and confusing the two,” Espinoza said.

There are also questions as to whether the City Park Golf Course renovations will even see the light of day with multiple lawsuits against the project. Espinoza questioned how much the design process is costing the city for a project that could be halted by the court.

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Mayor Hancock Honors the Denver Press Club

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What does it say about our city and the value of its commitments when in one breath our mayor can pledge long term stewardship of the Denver Press Club building and in the next  sacrifice City Park Golf Course to redevelopment for drainage?  City Park Friends and Neighbors believe Denver can do better and we urge the Hancock Administration to meet the commitment it made to preserve and protect City Park Golf Course.

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Do our city Fathers want to sacrifice our beautiful, historic ,public open space, City Park Golf Course(CPGC) , a perfect, natural storm water mitigation system….. to install an old fashioned,  industrial sump to collect and hold  toxic storm water and trash for up to 8 hours?  That polluted water will have  travelled over almost 10 miles of filthy urban hardscape.. before it gets to CPGC and then it will rush out  to an open,  1 mile long ditch in the Cole neighborhood, then out to the Globeville outfall and into the already polluted , South Platte River. Does that sound like a good plan for Denver’s future? Shouldn’t  we have a plan to conserve precious rain water in the ground where it would be cleaned naturally and stored for our future use in aquifers?

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