Resolution in Support of Designating and Developing a Community Park at 2857 Fairfax Street

It is Resolved by City Park Friends and Neighbors that we request City Council and the Department of Parks and Recreation to work cooperatively with our Greater Park Hill neighbors to:

  • Keep the former Xcel property that is already owned by the City and County of Denver.  That is, don’t swap parcels with HM Capital, the developer of Park Hill Commons on the east side.
  • Demonstrate the city’s commitment to a pocket park in this neighborhood by designating the former Xcel property proactively, i.e. right away, before the park is developed, thereby ensuring this valuable property is safe from commercial exploitation.
  • Demonstrate the city’s commitment to creative cooperation with neighborhoods by engaging in a collaborative process with the Park Hill community to design, fund, and build a pocket park on the former Xcel property.  Show good faith with Park Hill’s citizens and exploit the volunteer talent, expertise, and labor available within the community.

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