CPFAN Annual Meeting Goes Electronic!

Three people standing in a field with bicycles.

City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN) will not hold its Annual Meeting on Monday, April 6. Our usual meeting place, Messiah Community Church will be closed. Our speaker for the meeting, Adam Smith, Superintendant, Denver Parks and Recreation, is not able to attend due to new city policies arising from the coronavirus pandemic. This program will be rescheduled.

CPFAN is a membership-based Registered Neighborhood Organization with 500 members. We hold annual meetings to elect the coming year’s board members and officers. All members are welcomed to attend our annual meetings and vote on the year’s slate of board members. Nominations from the floor are welcomed. At least twelve members shall constitute a quorum for voting at member meetings. Once the board of directors is constituted, the new board will elect officers.

This year’s nominating committee, CPFAN board members, Jacqueline Victor and Keith Loftin present the following nominees for CPFAN’s 2020-2021 board of directors:

*Judith Barker, Park Hill resident, retired   educator, Denver Public Schools

*Fred Bender, Park Hill, past Adjunct Professor, University of Denver School of Law, Graduate Tax program; former Vice   President, Great-West Life  Insurance

*Hank Bootz, Park Hill, Retired businessman

*Stephen V. Eppler, Congress Park, Retired physician

*Georgia Garnsey, Park Hill, Freelance writer

*Keith Loftin, Park Hill, Professor, College of    Architecture and Planning, Research, University of Colorado Denver

*Patricia Paul, Park Hill, Artist; owner, Patricia Paul Studios LLC; educator at Denver Public Schools

*Sandrea Robnett, Park Hill, Non-employee Compliance Control for S & P Global

*Jacqueline Victor, Park Hill, Professor, Language Department, University of Denver; Musician

Protocol for conducting this year’s CPFAN Annual Meeting will follow in the coming weeks. Please contact Georgia Garnsey, CPFAN Secretary, ggarnsey@ecentral.com, with any questions or comments.

But for now, join us in City Park! Social distancing at its finest!!!