Minutes May Meeting

A sign showing the city park and its surroundings.

CPFAN Annual Meeting May 9, 2019

May 9, 2019
CPFAN Annual Meeting
Board Minutes

The Annual Meeting of the RNO, City Park Friends and Neighbors (CPFAN), took place on May 9, 2019 at Messiah Lutheran Church, 1750 Colorado Blvd., Denver CO 80220. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Vice President, Hank Bootz since President, LaMone Noles was ill and unable to preside. CPFAN members present signed in to the Membership List. They were: Hank Bootz, Victoria Eppler, Stephen Eppler, Maria Flora, Georgia Garnsey, Woody Garnsey, Phil Hainline, Laurence Keith Loftin III, Owetta McNeil, Paula Singer, John Van Sciver and Jacqueline Victor. A forum of 12 was in place for voting purposes.

Members present formed a circle to discuss the accomplishments of CPFAN during the past year and issues concerning the group’s future. The creation of the City Park Master Plan Update and Design Guidelines were positive steps for providing protection, enhancement, and direction for City Park. CPFAN members were part of the planning process from the beginning to its final stages. The Design Guidelines provided for a City Park Design Advisory Committee composed of architects and other professionals, city officials and citizens whose mandate is to review all new projects proposed for City Park and provide guidance to the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation before any projects are initiated. The committee was formed in Fall, 2018. The CPFAN Board of Directors wrote a letter to the committee to address design concerns about the new Dustin Redd Playground. We attended the meeting where the Dustin Redd design was addressed and were able to persuade committee members to vote in our favor. CPFAN looks forward to a positive and productive relationship with CPDAC in the future.

We also discussed the excellent programs presented over the past year, most of which were organized by CPFAN Board member, Bridget Walsh. The Candidate Forums, in particular, engaged not only CPFAN members but many other members of the community as well. Bridget did an outstanding job of organizing and presenting these programs.

We commended the leadership of CPFAN President, LaMone Noles who guided our organization with eloquence, wit and wisdom. CPFAN gained recognition and respect under her leadership. She faithfully alerted us to community issues and managed the smooth running of our organization.

The group discussed their commitment to continue to offer high quality informational programs. One idea was to Invite speakers who could inform us about the possibilities for replanting the Lily Pond. We also discussed forming committees to explore restoration of the DeBoer Canyon and also to address effective landscaping and beautifying of the Gate 15 area behind the Zoo. Most of all, we reaffirmed our CPFAN mission statement. The primary purpose of City Park Friends and Neighbors is to is “to actively protect the classical pastoral character of City Park, Denver, Colorado.â€

Finally, the CPFAN members present voted on the proposed CPFAN Board for 2019-2020. The Nominating Committee presented its slate of Stephen Eppler, Hank Bootz, Jacqueline Victor and Keith Victor. Georgia Garnsey nominated herself from the floor. All five candidates were unanimously elected. Officers will be voted on in the coming weeks.

Hank Bootz adjourned the meeting at 8 pm.