WHEN:  Tuesday, April 26 2018
WHERE:  Messiah Community Church 1750 Colorado Blvd Denver CO 80220
At the meeting, members** will elect a new Board. The new Board will elect officers, appoint standing committees and/or task groups, and take any other desired action.Membership is FREE. JOIN TODAY.
We encourage CPFAN members interested in serving on the Board to notify us no later than March 30.  
Please email:
Hank Bootz (hankbootz@msn.com) and
John Van Sciver (john.vansciver@earethlink.net).
•• . A member is entitled to vote if the person: (a) has been enrolled for at least three (3) months as a member in the manner proscribed by the Board, (b) is current on payment of any assessed member dues, and (c) certifies at the time of voting in the manner proscribed by the Board that she/he supports the principles set forth in the then approved current CPFAN mission statement.
We welcome your interest and possible participation in CPFAN on this deeper level.