Kudos to

Kudos to … Bridget Walsh, the recipient of an INC 2018 Neighborhood Star Award on behalf of CPFAN at INC’s Annual Banquet on Jan 31, 2018 … CPFAN Officers & Board Members, Hank Bootz, John Van Sciver, Steve Eppler, Georgia Garnsey, Jacqui Lansing, Keith Loftin, Lou Plachowski, Jackie Victor, and Bridget Walsh who actively serve and protect our park land and open space … Attorneys Aaron Goldhamer and Tony Vaida, who worked countless hours on behalf of the plaintiffs in the City Park Golf Course lawsuit … new RNO’s – Neighbors of Overland North, Montbello Improvement Association, Overlook at Park Hill, and Far Northeast Neighbors who are ready to protect the integrity of their parks and open space … and the members and friends of CPFAN who provided tremendous support by attending our rallies and special events, signing petitions, writing letters to city officials and just “being there”. Looking forward to another great new year.

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