A Message From Brad Evans, Ditch The Ditch

Hello Friends,

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Over the last 30 days, we’ve seen significant progress Ditching The Ditch. We’ve put CDOT, the City of Denver, and their boondoggle ditch project on the ropes. The tide has turned, and we are seeing a BIG results! We need your help, we’ve received a $6000 matching dollar challenge, and we can double it with your help! https://www.gofundme.com/film-campaign

With four lawsuits pending against this project, community outcry has been tremendous. The road to victory, however, is still a long one. While these legal disputes continue to wind their way through the courts, now is the time to fortify the battle on another vital front; the court of public opinion. To this end, we are working with a film maker to create 3 videos for use on social media. The film maker is generously donating his time to work on these films. Remaining costs will run $20,000 and we NEED to cover that.
We would like to thank Kayvan Khalatbari for connecting us with this film maker, as that alone has saved us thousands of dollars. These kinds of collaborative efforts show why education is so important. The I-70 Ditch is an affront to humanity, and people across the country want to join the fight. In order for them to do that, we have to tell them where the fight is and how.
Our public education efforts so far, have led to national coverage in the New York Times, The Nation, The Guardian, and City Lab. National press leads to more funding and critical pressure from more influential players, which the mayor and governor are particularly vulnerable to.
To continue our work in funding the lawsuits and the public education efforts, we are asking you to make another tax deductible contribution to Ditch the Ditch. Your contributions make certain we stop the Ditch and hold politicians accountable to their real constituents, the people. We are up against wasteful government, crony capitalism, and corruption in the highest order.
Ten contributions of $1,000 each, funds our video production. Every dollar helps us reach our goal, and helps us keep this out of control government accountable. We NEED a minimum of $3,200 before September 10th to start shooting, the day we begin filming. Everyone who contributes $1,000 or more, will receive an invitation to attend the filming.
Additionally we’re hosting a fundraiser on Sept 12th, all funds raised for this will be met with the above mentioned match. Hope you can attend! http://tinyurl.com/y9hnkrfx
Help us get the word out!