TO:   Councilman Albus Brooks <>; Councilman Christopher Herndon <>; Councilwoman Deborah Ortega <>; Councilman Jolon Clark <>; Councilwoman Kendra Black <>; Councilman Kevin Flynn <>; Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman <>; Councilman Paul D. Lopez <>; Councilman Paul Kashmann <>; Councilman Rafael Espinoza <>; Councilwoman Robin Kniech <>; Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore <>; Councilman Wayne New <>


SUBJ:  Proposed Condemnation Ordinance of Park Hill Golf Course

I am writing regarding the proposed ordinance authorizing condemnation of Park Hill Golf Course (“PHGC”) land that is scheduled for first reading on December 18, 2017.  Iurge you to vote “no” or at least to table this proposed ordinance until such time as the City administration can assure City Council that a condemnation action will not jeopardize the legal protections of the open space conservation easement acquired by the City in 1997 from the Clayton Trust for $2 million.

  The conservation easement provides the City and its citizens invaluable open space protections for the 155-acres of PHGC land.  It would be a tragedy for City Council to take action that might inadvertently permit unilateral termination of the conservation easement and a squandering of the City’s $2 million investment.   



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