CPFAN Minutes, January 5, 2021


CPFAN Program & Board Meeting

January 5, 2021


Members in attendance at the Zoom meeting were: Sandrea Robnett, Georgia Garnsey, Woody Garnsey, Fred Bender, Hank Bootz, Maria Flora, John Brett, Kelly Crosby, Jo Untiedt, Eleni Sarris, Syd Jones


Georgia called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.

Those present introduced themselves. It was great to have members from different neighborhoods that surround the park attend. Jo Untiedt is the President of City Park West Neighborhood Association and Eleni Sarris is an activist who is very involved with the ECAP plan and lives in Congress Park.


Since this was billed as a brainstorming session, everyone pitched right in. Jo was particularly concerned about the prospect of keeping roads closed in City Park post-pandemic. She cited the traffic problems of City Park West are experiencing as park visitors look for ways into the park. Many are parking on the streets just west of the park, like Gaylord St. Jo also mentioned that closing off the park completely to traffic excludes the handicapped community. Eleni Sarris echoed these concerns. Jacqui Lansing wondered if transporting park-goers by shuttles from East High or elsewhere could be a solution. Georgia proposed a meeting with Adam Smith to air these concerns and look for some more positive and workable compromises.


Georgia brought up the idea of putting together some kind of volunteer effort in City Park that would help relieve the strain on the halved maintenance and gardening crew in City Park. Eleni reeled off any number of groups that provide volunteers for specific projects and could be called on to participate. She mentioned CSU’s Extension Service, Volunteers of Colorado, the Youth Corps, Denver Botanic Gardens and others. Newcomer to the group, Syd Jones spoke of his NYC roots and love for Central Park. He spoke highly of the Central Park Conservancy’s positive impact on the park.


Program attendees were thanked for their contribution to the discussions and welcomed to return.


The Board Meeting was called to order at 7:05. The Secretary’s minutes and the Treasurer’s report were approved.


Georgia led off the reports with discussion of the importance of INC’s Parc Committee, led by Congress Park neighbor, Maggie Price. She encouraged CPFAN members to try and attend some meetings and be sure to subscribe to the very informative INC Newsletter. She gave a bried report on Lisa Calderon’s D9 Citizens Parks Advisory Committee, of which both Georgia and Sandy are members. One of the major issues the PRAB (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is tackling is openingup more of the restrooms in all the City’s parks. It was Lisa’s opinion that the expense of maintenance would be worthwhile and contribute to taxpayers’ enjoyment of the park. This issue may receive more attention post-pandemic.


Kelly Crosby reported that he is pursuing discussions with East High art students about an art installation program in City Park similar to the one at Color Field at the Lily Pond. Kelly is impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and creativity and is looking forward to developing a workable concept that could be presented to DPR sometime within 2021-22.


There was no old business or new busines to report, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:35.



Board Meeting

  1. Sandy called the Board meeting to order at 7:01 PM
  2. Fred Bender made a motion to approve the Secretary’s minutes for the 10/6/2020 meeting, and it was seconded by John Brett. The Motion passed.

III.Treasurer’s  Report:                                                                                                      ttThe treasurer reported $207.46 in the CPFAN account at UMB Bank. Patty made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Fred seconded. The motion passed.

  1. Reports
  2. Kelly reported on the Nov. 20 clean-up day at City Park with volunteer East High School students. 27 students participated. Principal Youngquist was there to send off the students and commended their efforts. Kelly has generated a lot of interest in continuing collaborations with East High and CPFAN in City Park. He has begun to explore a collaborative art project in the spirit of the Color Field art installation. Students would work with community artists such as Color Field’s Sara Palmeri to create yearly temporary art installations in City Park. Kelly will report back in Jan. on progress made.
  3. President’s Report: Georgia thanked board members for their participation in this year’s CPFAN activities and projects. She encouraged Board members to review CPFAN’s mission statement so we can discuss possible revisions and/or additions.
  4. Sandy reported that Maggie Price has been managing the CPFAN website. Sandy is working with her to eventually take over those responsibilities. Sandy also attended the District 9 Park Advisory Committee meeting with Lisa Calderon. There will be more to report on Lisa’s committee in the future.
  5. Sandy asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. John moved to adjourn. Patty seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.