Impacts of City Park Events

A man holding up a card with instructions for an event.

CPFAN is actively communicating with the City and County of Denver City Council and working with council and staff on the impacts of the growing number of festivals, races, concerts and other events at City Park. A recent temporary moratorium on new events at the park will allow time to review the impacts and solutions. Concerns include damage to the park, noise, traffic, trash and public urination and other issues that impact the park and surrounding neighbors.

A new issue in 2014 was the first admission-based event in City Park, adding questions about:

  • Impacts on nearby neighbors
  • Use of public park space for profit-making ventures
  • The ability of the Denver Parks and Recreation staff to monitor and enforce agreements regarding noise and park damage by vendors
  • The practice of fees collected from such events going to the City’s general fund rather than being reinvested in the park