A tree with a yellow warning sign on it.

CITY TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETING TONIGHT AND SATURDAY! COME   Oct 12, 2017 — Trees in City Park Golf Course from Colorado Blvd. to York St. are banded with yellow tape, marked for imminent death ( within the next few days) You can help to stop this destruction. The city is holding public meeting tonight, Thursday, and Saturday morning to hear what YOU have to say about their plans to destroy historic City Park Golf Course and hundreds of trees. PLEASE SHOW UP. BE VOCAL. RALLY YOUR FRIENDS. DON”T BE SILENCED. CLICK HERE FOR MEETING DETAILS: http://mailchi.mp/20de8794e99b/emergency-cpgc-trees-marked-for-destruction-city-to-hold-public-meeting-tonight-and-saturday-come

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Historic Denver Feedback on Cultural Landscape Report for City Park Golf Course

A lake with trees in the background and a grassy area.

1)      The report generally provides a solid overview of the course and its development, and the photographs and maps are useful visual aids.  While the document would have been more helpful at an earlier stage, it should still be useful in informing design decisions. 2)      We concur with the proposed period of significance for the reasons documented in the CLR and because the proposal is reasonably consistent with the proposed period of significance for the remainder of City Park, which is currently undergoing a master planning process.  We also concur that the course currently exhibits good integrity. 3)      The underlying

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