CPFAN Minutes June 22, 2021

CPFAN Board Retreat & Board Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2021


The CPFAN 2021 Board Retreat took place at 6 pm, June 22 in the backyard of Pres., Georgia Garnsey. In attendance were: Sandy Robnett, Patty Paul, Joe Mauro, Georgia Garnsey and John Brett.


Georgia called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm. Attached are the Agenda items that were addressed: 1. Optional dues and a Donation button for the CPFAN website; 2. Possible projects of interest to CPFAN Board members; 3. Possible Bylaws and Mission Statement revisions; 4. Adding an Advisory Board category.


Joe Mauro moved to include a Donation button on the CPFAN website. Sandy seconded. The motion passed. Georgia will explore the mechanics with member Phil Hainline.  Joe proposed new language for the proposed dues policy and those suggestions were incorporated into the optional dues language.


Adding language to the By Laws stating the number of meetings Board members are expected to attend was discussed as well as extending CPFAN’s current boundaries by 3 miles in every direction and reducing the number of Board meetings and programs/year to 9 required instead of the current 10. By Law changes require a vote of the membership. At least 12 members (including Board members) constitute a quorum for voting at member meetings, according to the current By Laws.


Projects of particular interest to Board members were promoting advocacy for identified problem areas within City Park, further strengthening our relationships with City Park administrators and staff and other organizations who care about City Park, like City Park West, South City Park and Greater Park Hill neighborhood organizations. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s Nearby Nature Initiative was another area of interest.


An Ad Hoc Committee to look more deeply at the proposed By Law changes and to make recommendations was formed. Georgia, John Brett, Joe Mauro and Fred Bender will meet soon and deliver their recommendations (see attached).


Georgia adjourned the Board Meeting and Retreat at 7:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Patty Paul, Secretary