Adopt-A-Flowerbed Volunteers Conquer all

Two women standing in front of a statue.

Several teams are weeding away at the Sopris Garden, located to the west of the Pavilion where many weddings take place throughout the summer and fall. This garden is named in honor of Mayor Richard Sopris, one of the enterprising pioneers who came to Denver seeking a fortune in the gold fields and ended up returning to Denver to establish a city of beauty and culture, rivalling in their minds Paris, NYC and beyond. After serving as mayor, Sopris became Denver’s  parks commissioner in 1881. He was devoted to City Park and spent much of his own money to plant

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Adopt-A-Flowerbed in City Park!

A garden with many different plants and trees

ADOPT-A-FLOWERBED IN CITY PARK LAUNCHED:   Well over 50 volunteers responded to the call for help in maintaining flowerbeds in City Park this summer. Eleven teams of 5-8 members from neighborhoods surrounding City Park have been formed with Captains heading each team. Participating neighborhoods include Whittier, South City Park, South Park Hill, North Park Hill, Congress Park  and Mayfair. Teams are assigned to the Rose Garden, the Cordova Rock Garden, the Sopris Garden, the Burns Garden, the MLK Garden and Urns and Ida’s Rock Garden. Adam Smith, Denver Parks and Recreation Superintendent of the East District that includes City Park,

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Color Field FAREWELL

A sign in the grass that says " take home some. Celtorfield stores for your garden ".

                                           Color Field Farewell: What had been a sad and lonely part of City Park became awash with shimmering color and life delighting park-goers over the past year. The Color Field art installation south of the DeBoer Canyon was the brainchild of Denver artists, Sarah and Josh Palmeri. The installation was the recipient of a grant from Denver Arts and Venues under their “P.S. You Are Here” program, a neighborhood revitalization effort. With the help of volunteers, Sarah and Josh planted

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