Meet the Movers & Shakers in City Park, Sept. 8, 6 pm at the Pavilion

A large tree in front of the water



City Park Friends and Neighbors invite you to join us on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at the Pavilion at 6 pm to meet with Julie Lehman, Manager of the Greenhouse and Horticulture program for the City of Denver and the Citywide Median Renovation team, and Adam Smith, Superintendent of the East District that includes City Park for a presentation on current and future projects in City Park. Julie will expand on her vision for City Park’s flowerbeds and Adam will describe City Park’s current irrigation system and discuss the new irrigation plan (as recommended in the 2018 City Park Master Plan Update) that is in the works sometime in the future.

Julie currently manages the Greenhouse & Horticulture program for the City of Denver and the Citywide Median Renovation team. She has a passion for promoting sustainable, local Colorado plant material through her work.  Julie focuses on redesigning spaces by creating plant palettes that are resilient, water-wise, functional, and attractive, whether it is a planting bed in a park, green infrastructure, or one of the 30+ miles of medians throughout Denver. Julie has developed the City Park Greenhouse as a horticultural hub for both internal staff and external partners and is committed to using this venue to promote continuing education.  Partnerships with other organizations such as Plant Select,  CSU Extension, and Denver Botanic Gardens help grow this educational core.

Adam Smith manages the East Operations District for the City of Denver. He received his degree in Horticulture at the University of Arkansas. Prior to his career at Denver Parks and Recreation, Adam served as horticulturist for the University of Chicago Botanic Garden and assistant horticulturist at the Chicago Botanic Garden. With the City of Denver, he is focused on developing a parks operation program that meets the demands of the highly engaged Denver park user. With over 50 park sites comprising 900 irrigated acres and 400 acres of open space, finding operational efficiency and best management practices is the key to the team’s success. When not at work Adam loves playing tennis, grill season, road trips through the southwestern deserts, and spending time with his family.

Wednesday, Sept. 8 at the Pavilion at 6 pm is the time and place for this unique program. Bring a snack and a beverage as you get to know Julie and Adam and drink in the beauty of City Park. A question and answer period will follow the presentations. We look forward to seeing you there.