This Monday, Aug 7, 2017 Council members will vote to enter into a contract for the excavation of City Park Golf Course.  The legal challenge is set for trial August 21. Please copy the below addresses, the letter and email  to our Council members and urge them to respect the judicial and public process.

Copy and paste these addresses for 13 members of City Council.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Subject Line: Council Bill 17-0823, 17-0824, 17-1826

To Denver City Council:

I am a Denver resident writing to urge you to vote NO on Council Bills approving construction contracts with Saunders Construction and Parsons Transportation Group for work related to City Park Golf Course and other portions of the Platte to Park Hill drainage project.

J.D. MacFarlane’s legal challenge to the city’s plan to take City Park Golf Course for drainage is set for trial Aug. 21, 2017. Therefore, I believe it is premature to approve bills related to City Park Golf Course excavation on Monday Aug. 7, 2017.

I am disturbed by Mayor Hancock’s decision to bring these bills to you before the resolution of the MacFarlane lawsuit. Furthermore, a symbolic one week delay of your vote is insufficient. Information about the contract terms, costs, and schedule is not the issue for me, but rather the Hancock Administration’s disregard for both judicial and public processes.

I urge you to vote NO on Council Bills 17-0823, 17-0824, and 17-1826 and instruct the City to wait for the court’s decision.

Thank you.

______________ (name)

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