Whereas, Overland Park Golf Course, designated in 1956, is an important part of Denver’s park system, providing affordable and accessible golf to Denver’s citizens continuously since its founding in 1895;

and Whereas, the Hancock Administration proposes to lease Overland Park Golf Course to a commercial promoter for the next five years to hold a music festival that will close the golf course for five weeks during prime golf season every summer;
and Whereas, in 2010 Denver established a policy to govern use of public parks for Admission-based Events, resulting from a collaboration that included input from Denver residents, neighborhood groups and city agencies, which policy the Denver City Attorney reviewed and signed;
and Whereas, the Overland Park Golf Course Festival contract under consideration by City Council greatly exceeds the limits established by the Admission-Based Event (ABE) policy and puts an ABE in a place never contemplated for such activity:
The ABE policy explicitly identifies parks where Admission-based Events are allowed.  Overland Pond Park is not one of the parks where Admission-based events are allowed.  And this kind of Admission-based event was not even contemplated at Overland Park Golf Course, or any golf course, since golf courses are 100% dedicated to golf and require specialized turf maintenance.
The ABE policy limits closure to the general public to 4 days, including set up and tear down, and it allows only 20% of the grounds to be closed to the public.  The proposed festival contract will close Overland Golf Course entirely for 5 weeks during prime golf season every year for 5 years.
The ABE policy limits the maximum attendance of Admission-based events to 7500 persons.  The proposed contract anticipates 20,000 – 40,000 attendees every day for 3 days each summer for 5 years.

and Whereas, the proposed Overland Park Golf Course Festival contract, if approved, will render the Admission-based Event Policy meaningless and erode trust both in public process and between the citizens of Denver and the Hancock Administration.

Therefore, City Park Friends and Neighbors resolve:

We urge City Council to comply with the provisions of the Admission-based Event policy and reject the proposal to commit to staging a multi-day music festival in Overland Park Golf Course for the next five years.
We encourage the Hancock Administration to work with the commercial promoter to find a suitable location for their multi-day, multi-year festival in an appropriate venue in the Denver area, not in a public park.
We propose City Council and the Hancock Administration initiate a public process to develop a Denver Festival Park and Event Center to mount commercial music festivals and similar events for the Denver community.

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